Executive Chef

Executive Chef Jay Hinton

Jay Hinton, Executive Chef

Originally from Greenwood, South Carolina, Chef Hinton comes from a long line of hunters and farmers in his family. Chef Hinton’s sister still maintains her family’s farm to this day. Chef Hinton often visits his sister to get the freshest wild game and local produce for his own personal consumption. Chef Hinton is directly related to Jim Bowie who created the Bowie Knife, now on display at The Smithsonian Museum. Chef Hinton grew up in a small town where he has fond memories of, fishing for dinner, and helping his parents and siblings tend to gardens and farmland during his early and pre-teen years. Some of Chef Hinton’s most fond memories are of him helping his mom and dad tip and “string” pole beans and help can products for the winter. Chef Hinton always knew that these two things meant fall and winter was approaching.

As Chef Hinton got older, he decided that he had the passion for food, but wanted a broader audience to be able to display his talents to. Chef Hinton began his career in local restaurants in his home area, where locally sourced products were not a fad, but an everyday way of life. As Chef Hinton came into his teens and early 20’s, he decided to move to Charleston, S.C. to learn different cultural styles of food preparation, only found along the coast and its many waterways. This led to an increase in the desire to learn more about the historic values of food to many different cultures. Chef Hinton practiced his talents at 82 Queen and Vickery’s in Downtown Charleston. These places help develop the path to his career.

Chef Hinton returned to Greenville S.C. as a cook at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville. Chef Hinton worked under Chef Ary Schalick, who is now the Executive Chef at The Grand Hyatt in Washington D.C. Chef Ary helped develop the skills needed to move to the professional level. Chef Hinton moved to the position of Chef De Cuisine with the guidance of Chef Ary. Chef Ary encouraged Chef Hinton to explore other regions of the country. Chef Hinton received an offer from The Breakers of Palm Beach and jumped at the chance. Chef Hinton moved to Palm Beach, Florida. After, a stint at The Breakers and The P.G. A. Resort, located in Palm Beach Gardens, Chef was given an offer to be a contract Chef for C’est Si Bon Gourmet. C’est Si Bon is well-known for its high end catering styles. Chef Hinton was a regular at The Lauder Estate, DTR Art Galleries located on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, and many other high profile clientele, in his early 30’s. Chef Hinton’s delights were served at the opening of the Andy Warhol Art exhibit at DTR’s Art Center. Chef Hinton also worked under Chef Rene’ Langer from Vienna, Austria, where he learned about baking and pastries. Chef Langer is The Executive Chef in the all-prime Steakhouse located At the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas. Chef Langer opened the Monkey Bar, N.Y. Prime Steakhouse, and Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse in N.Y.

Chef Hinton moved closer to home to bring back the knowledge received with his travels and experiences to infuse into his favorite food, which is Italian. He was given an amazing opportunity by JHM Hotels and has prospered ever since. Chef Hinton is ACF certified with an A.A.S. in Culinary Arts Technology received from The Culinary Institute of The Carolinas. Chef Hinton’s hobbles are cooking, fishing, traveling, and all sports activities, and most importantly, spending time with his two sons, Adrian and Ayron.